Jobot Announces the Jobot House, the New Jobot Headquarters in Newport Beach, CA and Grows to 250 Jobot Pros

Irvine, CA (January 25, 2021) Jobot announces their plans to open the Jobot House, the new Jobot headquarters in Newport Beach, California.

“Creating a space where the Jobot Family can enjoy the outdoors while providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates has always been a dream of ours. We are overjoyed to have realized this dream with the Jobot House in Newport Beach, California," says Jobot CEO and Founder, Heidi Golledge.

The location allows Jobot’s recruiters, software engineers and operation teams a view of the water and even boat rides to lunch. In addition to the floor to ceiling glass walls, the unique hybrid workplace allows recruiters the opportunity to book time in the new office space.

“Our goal is to create a true hybrid workplace. During quarantine, our Jobot Family thrived working remotely. Once the Jobot House opens, we are empowering folks to create their schedule. After listening to folks at Jobot, it became clear that some want to be 100% remote, some 100% in the office but most want a hybrid schedule that enables them to come and go to the office when needed.” says Golledge. 

 In 2020, a time when many companies closed their doors and conducted layoffs, Jobot flourished. From 2019 to 2020, Jobot grew 2x in size and nearly 5x in revenue.

“We are grateful for everyone in the Jobot Family and our technology, Jax™, that makes us unique,” continues Golledge.

 Since it’s launch in October 2018, Jobot has generated more than $50 million in revenue and raised over $100,000 for its charity, the Get a Job, Give a Job Foundation.

“Pivoting during a pandemic and ensuring that all of our technology was scalable and cloud-based was key to help the continuity of our business. We are honored to be able to put Americans back to work," says Golledge.

Heidi Golledge is a winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for two companies as well as exiting a previous company for over $100 Million. Golledge has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Business Insider for her expertise in launching successful companies and creating positive work cultures that excite and fuel employee success.

 About Jobot

Jobot blends their proprietary AI technology, Jax™, and experienced recruiters, Jobot Pros, to create the first of its kind job matching engine. This unique blend of technology and recruiting skills make recruiting top talent and building a positive work culture within reach.

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