AWS Migration Expert (4-6 month contract)

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We are looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer to join our team and work on a series of exciting projects in
2023. The successful candidate will be responsible for various tasks, including AWS environment
management, ECS to EKS migration, PostgreSQL upgrades, Terraform script refactoring, EKS node
autoscaling setup, and Metabase deployment streamlining. This is an excellent opportunity for an
experienced DevOps professional who is looking to further their career in a challenging and dynamic
1. Split the current AWS environment into separate accounts for production and non-production
environments, creating new AWS user accounts, configuring Identity and Access Management
(IAM) policies, and ensuring a secure and manageable environment.
2. Utilize AWS Control Tower to set up logging and access controls securely and correctly.
3. Migrate production environment to the new production sub-account with minimal downtime.
4. Complete migration of demo, staging, and production environments from Elastic Container
Service (ECS) to Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), including containerizing the web application
and updating GitLab pipelines to deploy to EKS.
5. Create and set up a production EKS cluster for deployment.
6. Upgrade Aurora PostgreSQL 14 to Aurora Serverless v2 PostgreSQL 15, starting with the nonproduction environment and moving to production with minimal downtime.
7. Validate compatibility and address any issues during the PostgreSQL upgrade.
8. Refactor and reorganize existing Terraform scripts into reusable and maintainable modules for
improved maintainability and readability.
9. Set up EKS node autoscaling, configuring autoscaling groups, associated policies, and monitoring
to ensure cost and resource efficiency.
10. Streamline Metabase deployment process for automatic deployment of report changes
between non-production and production environments.
1. Proven experience as a DevOps Engineer, preferably with a focus on AWS and Kubernetes.
2. Strong knowledge of AWS services, including Control Tower, ECS, EKS, IAM, and Aurora
3. Experience with Terraform for infrastructure as code and script refactoring.
4. Knowledge of EKS node autoscaling setup and optimization.
5. Experience with CI/CD pipelines, GitLab, and deployment automation.
6. Familiarity with Metabase deployment and management.
7. Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work well under pressure.
8. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
9. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and any relevant examples of previous DevOps
projects or work.
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