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Corporate Attorney with portable book of business needed for growing law firm!

  • Newark, NJ
  • $150,000 - $300,000
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A bit about us:

Our firm is recognized consistently for providing clients with the most sophisticated solutions to legal challenges around the world.

Why join us?

The legal market is rapidly changing, and so is the practice of law. It is both science and art. Clients want their law firm to be diligent and meticulous, but they also want it to solve problems with innovation and creativity.

Our client fosters an inclusive and collaborative environment across our fully integrated global platform that enables us to diligently combine the knowledge and expertise of our lawyers and policy professionals to create teams that provide exceptional client solutions. We marry process with vision, success with dedication, method with passion, and innovation with creativity.

Job Details

Specifically, Corporate Lawyer responsibilities usually include advising on commercial agreements and business transactions such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions – a transaction whereby the ownership of a company is transferred to or consolidated with another.
  • Joint ventures – a business created by two or more parties who share ownership, returns, risks and governance.
  • Corporate restructuring – the act of significantly altering the structure or operations of a business to increase profits and/or efficiency.
  • Management buyouts – a form of acquisition whereby the managers of a company acquire some or all the business from the parent company or private owner.
  • Equity financing – raising capital through selling company stock to investors.
  • Commercial contracts – agreements between companies setting out what they can and cannot do in their business relationship.
Attorney taking notes
Their other duties may include:

Negotiating employee contracts
Preparing and filing government reports
Drafting legal documents
Reviewing new business relationships with vendors and subcontractors
Guiding managers on regulatory and compliance matters
Administering training workshops
Formulating employee handbooks
Analyzing legal issues relating to proposed products
Representing the corporation before administrative boards and court trials
Providing supervision to outside lawyers hired to assist the corporation with their specialized legal services
Structuring joint enterprises with other organizations
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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
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Newark, NJ
Job Type
$150,000 - $300,000