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A bit about us:

We pride ourselves on attracting and developing the best talent available to concept, create, and contribute to the most exciting projects in gaming. Our 25-plus years of game development experience, as well as our combined AAA games industry pedigree, has established us as one of best studios to work for today.

Why join us?

Benefits for our full-time positions include, but are not limited to, a competitive regional salary, 100% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance options, professional development reimbursement perk, flexible hybrid on-site/off-site work opportunities, 10 company paid holidays, additional 10 paid days in December when the studio is closed for holiday break, and the ability to accrue weeks of personal paid time-off.

Job Details

This Gameplay Camera Designer, working under the Lead Player Designer, will be responsible for designing, implementing, and fine-tuning the gameplay cameras and custom level camera and cinematic transitions to ensure a player's smooth and seamless journey through a rich and epic narrative experience. A successful Camera Designer will be able to collaborate with Engineers, Animators and other Designers to create tools and camera solutions that will positively impact the player experience and create exciting moments within our dynamic worlds.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Work with the lead player designer to understand the direction for gameplay and solve how to best present gameplay to the player
Work with system designers to ensure coordination between gameplay systems and their on-screen representation
Conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a schedule, while actively participating in technical and design problem solving
Coordinate directly with representatives of multiple departments to solve design challenges, create exceptional narrative storytelling, remove production bottlenecks and clearly communicate design needs
Evaluate and initiate processes, tools, and camera features pertaining to title/franchise specific camera design

Essential Requirements

3-5 years of game design experience in a camera design role
Able to set system requirements and drive implementation
Contributed to camera design on 1+ AAA project (or equivalent)
Demonstrated understanding of scripting and procedural systems
A deep understanding of cinematography concepts and their application to games
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Job Details
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