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We are seeking a dedicated and experienced individual to join our team as a Permanent HIV Prevention Specialist in the Nonprofit industry. This unique role is designed to address the critical intersection of financial wellness and HIV prevention. The successful candidate will provide tailored financial education and intervention strategies to help reduce the economic vulnerabilities that often contribute to the risk of HIV transmission. This role requires a deep understanding of financial industry practices, HIV prevention strategies, and case management.

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1. Develop and implement financial education and intervention programs aimed at reducing the risk of HIV transmission.
2. Provide case management services to clients, including assessing financial needs, developing individualized financial plans, and monitoring progress.
3. Collaborate with healthcare providers, social workers, and other professionals to address the holistic needs of clients.
4. Advocate for policies and practices within the finance industry that support HIV prevention efforts.
5. Conduct research and stay updated on the latest developments in HIV prevention and financial wellness.
6. Create and deliver presentations to educate clients, colleagues, and the broader community about the intersection of financial wellness and HIV prevention.
7. Evaluate the effectiveness of financial intervention strategies and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.
8. Provide emotional and psychological support to clients, while maintaining professional boundaries.
9. Maintain client confidentiality and adhere to ethical guidelines and standards.


1. Bachelor’s degree in finance, public health, social work, or a related field. A Master’s degree is preferred.
2. A minimum of 1 year of experience in case management, preferably in a healthcare or Nonprofit Industry.
3. Extensive knowledge of HIV prevention strategies.
4. Exceptional interpersonal skills, with the ability to build strong relationships with clients and collaborate effectively with a diverse team of professionals.
5. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems.
6. Excellent communication skills, with the ability to explain complex financial concepts in a way that is accessible to a diverse range of clients.
7. High level of cultural competency, with the ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
8. Ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and maintain client confidentiality.
9. Willingness to stay updated on the latest developments in HIV prevention and financial wellness.
10. Certification in HIV Testing and Counselling or willingness to obtain certification.
11. Proficiency in using case management software and other relevant computer applications.
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