MERN Web Developer w/ ASP.Net - Remote!

100% Remote, quarterly bonuses

  • Houston, TX
  • $120,000 - $140,000
  • Managed by Jobot Pro: Nicole Crosby
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A bit about us:

We are fast-growing software and services company in the oil and gas industry. We place a very strong emphasis on designing meaningful user experience in our software products.
We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to help us develop new software products and improve existing commercial applications.

We excel as a software and engineering consulting company catering to Flow Assurance engineers in the oil and gas industry worldwide. We believe that, by developing of well-designed software, we can improve the quality of flow assurance engineering in the industry. Our software products improve efficiency thus allowing engineers more time to do engineering. We are passionate about bringing modern software UX design, DevOps principles, and the latest technological advancements in cloud computing and machine learning to software in the engineering industry.

Why join us?

Sure, we are a company, but we know our business is based on the effort and trust of people. Technically our customers are also companies but inside those companies are people trusting that we will deliver what we promised. And those people trusted us as individuals, not as a company, to deliver. Further, people are dehumanized when they are viewed through the lens of a company and its policies. Over time this can lead to using the company as an excuse for treating people unfairly. How often have you heard “I know it’s unfair, but it’s company policy?”

We remember at all times that people are the heart of our business. We will always treat our customers and employees fairly and we will not use the company as an excuse to treat them unfairly.

Job Details

You will be responsible for turning software requirements, user stories, and workflows into commercial-quality software design. You will be working with the product owners, UI/UX designers, and technical developers that will develop high-quality numerical code that performs the engineering functions. Your job is to architect the application, implement the software design, develop the software tests and ensure overall quality, ensure the DevOps pipeline runs smoothly, and manage the software upkeep. During initial design and development, you will be responsible for planning sprints, estimating time and delivering software iterations to internal testers. After commercialization, you will be responsible for managing user feedback, planning update sprints and delivering quality updates to users.

Technical Requirements
  • Web frontend –Typescript, React, Redux, CSS/SCSS (3-5 years)
  • Web backend – ASP.NET core, node, Express (3-5 years)
  • Overall 5+ years’ experience in web development

Other Requirements
  • Containerization and orchestration technologies (Docker, kubernetes)
  • Experience setting up DevOps pipelines
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, and execute new software development including directing a small team of designers and developers
  • Ability to understand requirements and vision from Product Manager and translate it into software design
  • Demonstrate that you keep up with advances in the software development tools and frameworks (software architecture patterns, developments in cloud technologies, etc)

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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Managed by Jobot Pro
Houston, TX
Job Type
$120,000 - $140,000