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A bit about us:

We are creating a healthy and hopeful Montana through specialized psychiatric care for children and adolescents along with a nationally recognized genetics program providing care for all ages.

We became a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in 1987 and remains the only CMN hospital in Montana. Every penny of every dollar that is raised during a CMN fundraiser supports us directly. Donated funds help cover costs for Montana families who cannot afford to.

In addition, we first received Joint Commission accreditation in 1992, and has been continuously accredited since that time. Our education program is an accredited year-round school for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our team of educators are certified in special education and includes six teachers, six teaching assistants, a speech pathologist, a school psychologist, and a principal.

Why join us?

Stress and adversity are universal to the human experience. To heal from this adversity, we utilize the Sanctuary Model® as a blueprint for clinical and organizational culture. This cultural model promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma informed community.

Through Sanctuary, we have refined and operationalized our values.
We believe these values are only meaningful if they are also reflected in our practices.
We are committed to practicing these beliefs.

Nonviolence – Being safe physically, emotionally, morally, and socially regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, countries of origin, abilities, or income levels.

Emotional Intelligence – Managing our feelings so we do not hurt ourselves or others.

Social Learning – Respecting and sharing the ideas of our teams.

Open Communication – Saying what we mean and not being mean when we say it.

Social Responsibility – Together we accomplish more, everyone is accountable and makes a contribution.

Democracy – Shared governance; ideas are shared but not everyone gets a vote.

Growth and Change – Creating hope for ourselves, our patients, families, organization, and Montana.

Job Details


Under direction of Program Director and in accordance with the State Nurse Practice Act, provides individualized patient care taking into account diagnoses and individual patient treatment plans. Is knowledgeable about medications and administers regular and PRN medications, and documents responses and reactions. Participates in patient/family teaching, orientation, treatment team meetings, and provides supervision of MHT’s. Interacts and supervises children in various activities and groups. Documents and reports changes in patient status and assists the health care team in the evaluation of patient needs and the implementation of treatment programs. Monitors the milieu for safety of staff and patients. May provide direct, technical nursing care to patients who exhibit physical symptoms, and performs other technical nursing procedures such as EKGs, vital signs, etc.


Effectively communicate and coordinate pending admissions and discharges with clinical team members.
Assist patients with activities of daily living.
Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care for patients and residents as directed by hospital mission, policies and procedures; in accordance with the Montana Nurse Practice Act and psychiatric nursing standards of care and practice.
Provide supervision to staff through assessment of skills, observation of practice, and unit/staff organization to maximize safe, efficient, and appropriate care.
Develop, implement, and evaluate nursing care via the Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan.
Coordinate effectively with other disciplines and departments to facilitate active problem solving.
Monitor the unit to quickly identify any issues that require early/immediate intervention to maintain safety and therapeutic milieu.
Completes documentation in an accurate and efficient manner.
Assure shift to shift communication for continuity of care.
Delegate tasks to LPN’s, MHT’s, and Unit Assistant that are consistent with their skills and ability.
Report required information to the Nurse Administrator, the attending/on call psychiatrist, and Administration in a timely and accurate manner.
Provide patient/family teaching and serves as role model for staff and patients/residents.
Provide individualized patient/ family education.
Maintain confidentiality in matters related to patient, family and facility staff.
Perform standard nursing duties of a RN within scope of practice.
Receive and implement MD orders.
Assist patients in all therapeutic programming.
Recognized potential hazards and help to create an orderly, safe and therapeutic environment for patients.
Ensure patient care areas are clean and organized.
Complete safety plans with patients.
Assist in special procedures (ie. restraint and seclusion)
Escort patients on appointments.
Participate in special procedure debrief meetings with other nursing staff.
Interact with patients, redirecting and teaching patients positive, safe ways to express feelings and interact with others; transporting patients to therapeutic activities when needed.
Ensure safety of patients/staff by communicating significant changes in the behavior and implementing non-violent crisis intervention techniques with staff assistance.
Understand basic child development; implementing age appropriate interventions during supervision of play, daily routines, grooming, mealtimes and off-unit activities.
Serve as a role model to assist the patient to be in control of himself/ herself and to achieve greater self-understanding.
Observe and document significant behaviors of patients and communicate information to the multidisciplinary team.
Learn to apply mental health principles in all relationships with patients.
Learn, understand and implement hospital approved intervention plans.
Escort visitors.
Answer unit phones.
Attend unit meetings and exchange information regarding activities of the unit.
Maintain current, hospital required, certifications.
Complete all required competencies and training modules, as assigned, by date due.
Complete additional duties, as assigned, by house supervisor and unit manager.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies to perform the essential functions of this position:

Perform standard duties of a Registered Nurse and exercise independent judgment within the scope of RN practice.
Display regular, predictable and reliable attendance at work.
Establish priorities and organize work assignments.
Participate in general activities such as running, lifting and general play with patients.
Observe emotional and physical behavior of patients.
Implement patient care interventions.
Recognize and respect the limits of confidential information.
Communicate effectively with persons of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic origins.
Demonstrate tact, diplomacy, patience and compassion.
Establish and maintain working relationships with other mental health professionals, co-workers and other agencies and organizations.
Understand and follow instructions.
Work independently.
Manage stress effectively.
Ability to work any shift, any schedule.
Physically manage violent patients.
Understand the developmental levels of children and adolescents.
Ability to multitask.
Prioritize work assignments and manage time effectively.
Recognize potential hazards and help to create an orderly, safe and therapeutic environment for patients.
Supervise Nursing Staff and Patients.
Technical skills related to provision of direct nursing care, administering medications, and documentation of nursing process.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.


Must be currently licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Montana or any state recognized by the Nurse Licensure Compact. Experience in psychiatric or pediatric nursing preferred. Must have and maintain CPR certification. Must maintain a valid driver’s license. Requires Criminal Records Background Check.
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