Senior Product Manager

Sustainability and Carbon Impact SaaS - ML leader in the Agricultural Industry

  • Houston, TX
  • $140,000 - $160,000
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A bit about us:

We are a machine learning software-based company. Our employees work remotely using our corporate offices to meet up for periodic in-house strategy and development meetings. Our application platform is built to apply our novel ML technology to the Agricultural Industry to optimize crop yields while reducing farm operational costs. Our models precisely predict what type and amounts of nutrients and hybrid seeds to purchase along with the algorithms and good-sense practices to apply them.

Why join us?

  • 100% Remote work
  • Purpose Driven company making an impactful change through a great product
  • Industry leading executives, data science and technical staff
  • Great Benefits package w/ 401k match

Job Details

● You understand the lifecycle of a software product from inception and ideation to design
and development.
● You are experienced in kicking off new projects and facilitating workshop activities at the
beginning of a project and throughout the project as needed.
● You collaborate with designers and developers at the onset of a project to convey the
business challenges of our clients.
● You are an expert in Scrum/Agile and iterative software development practices and you
lead team activities including daily standups, backlog grooming, sprint planning, demos,
and retrospectives.
● You translate user interface designs and technical requirements into well written user
stories with acceptance criteria, and you can help developers and QA testers understand
the requirements and estimate the effort involved in developing those features.
● You continuously strive to strengthen your understanding of product management best
practices and you share your knowledge and insights to cross-train your peers.
● You communicate technical concepts clearly.

● You can lead studio project teams consisting of designers, developers, testers, and other
project or product people.
● You know how to assess the status of a software project and how to move it forward,
whether it is a new project with a new team or an existing project.
● You are comfortable onboarding new team members to a project and helping them to
understand their roles and how to mesh together as a project team.
● You manage the scope, budget, requirements, timeline, project deliverables, and other
nuances of project delivery.
● You may draft a project statement of work (SOW) and/or oversee the commitments
described in a SOW. You help the team to understand, interpret and meet those
commitments in a timely manner.
● You are confident in providing project updates on a regular basis to both our internal
leadership team and our external (client) stakeholder teams.

● You may serve as a primary contact on a project that includes both internal team
members and external client team members.
● You speak thoughtfully and confidently with the client, simultaneously representing both
our studio’s best interests and the client’s best interests in our joint endeavor.
● You cultivate a relationship with the client that establishes mutual trust and respect.
● You help project team members form a working relationship with client team
stakeholders and you foster effective communication amongst team members.

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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
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$140,000 - $160,000