Solar Cell Technology Expert - Chief Expert on Perovskite Technology

Exciting opportunity for a Solar Cell Technology Expert or Perovskite Expert to join a global company dedicated to solar cell R&D and manufacturing.

  • Raleigh, NC +8
  • $180,000 - $240,000
  • Managed by Jobot Pro: Amber Leonard
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A bit about us:

We have an exciting career opportunity for a Solar Cell Technology Expert or Perovskite Expert to join a growing Global Solar Product Manufacturer.
We are dedicated to the research and development of Solar Cell / Perovskite Technology.
The position would require visits to or partial residence in China. All expense are paid for.

Why join us?

We offer a career in a new and exciting industry.
We offer a chance to explore other regions of the world.
We offer state of the art equipment and facilities.
We offer an above average compensation package along with a comprehensive benefits plan.
** We are open to a "Consultant" or "Educator" who can work with us when not teaching.

Job Details

Main Responsibilities:
  • Guide the R&D team to do the research and development of perovskite solar cell technology, perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem cell research and development.
  • Carry out research and development of technical processes, materials, equipment, etc.
  • Establish a solid patent-protected moat for tandem cell and module products, creating technical breakpoints and strategic control points.
  • Lead the R&D team to grasp the technical development trends of perovskite and tandem solar cells and module, understand the relevant key materials, core equipment and supply chain,
and create the core competitiveness and technological leadership of tandem cell and module products through technological innovation, intellectual property.
  • Participate in academic communication and scientific research cooperation in perovskite technology.
  • Guide the team on key tasks from laboratory technology research to industrialization transfer.

Job Qualifications:
  • Have a Phd Degree of related majors;
  • More than 6 years of experience in photovoltaic technology research, especially in the field of perovskite technology research and development.
  • We are open to a "Full Time", "Consultant" or "Educator" who can work with us when not teaching.
  • Have organizational management skills with internal and external experts and good leadership team skills.
  • Master perovskite and tandem solar cell leading and core technology experience, technology research and development and management experience, IP management experience.
  • Use English as the working language.
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Raleigh, NC
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Ann Arbor, MI
Boston, MA
Madison, WI
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Job Type
$180,000 - $240,000