Hiring with a Jobot Pro

Find Candidates, Not Resumes.

Stay focused on building your business while a Jobot Pro finds, vets, and delivers qualified candidates to you.

Experienced Humans, AI Technology

Jobot Pro's combine experience with AI Technology.

Quality First, Quantity On Demand

Whether you are looking to fill one role or one hundred, Jobot can provide you with an incredible interview-to-hire ratio. Hire great people who are truly a good fit for your team.

How Hiring With Jobot Works

Step 1. Get Started Here

Let Jobot know a little about your company and your open jobs.

Step 2. Talk through the details

A Jobot Pro will contact you to hear more details and start recruiting on your behalf!

Step 3. We find the candidates

Your personal Jobot Pro will review hundreds of candidates for your position and select the best overall fit.

Step 4. We screen the candidates

Jobot will phone interview all the candidates who match your job to ensure they are a fit. We will also let them know great things about your company and get them interested in meeting your team.

Step 5. You review the candidates

Jobot will send you screened, qualified candidates for your review.

Step 6. We schedule interviews

Jobot will set up interviews for you for all the candidates you think are a match

Step 7. An offer is made

Your Jobot Pro will work with you to negotiate any offers and start dates

Step 8. You make a successful hire

You've made a successful hire using Jobot!

Step 9. New hire guarantee

Jobot stands behind every candidate we source for you as you grow your team

The Jobot Difference