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Job Details

  • Cleans boilers and auxiliary equipment.
  • Inspects and repairs boiler fittings such as safety valves, regulators, automatic control mechanisms, and
water columns, and auxiliary machines such as pumps, draft fans, stokers, and burners.
  • Repairs or replaces high pressure piping not including power piping.
  • Performs water pressure test by pumping water into system to determine location of leaks.
  • Performs all tasks of a mechanical nature necessary to test, calibrate, set-up, adjust, repair, overhaul,
maintain, assemble or install all types of tasks assigned to the complete running of the boiler and steam
system, including the de-aerator, softeners, and brine tank. Is skilled in the light overhaul, operation,
repair, and maintenance of all types of pumps, and all other general mechanical equipment.
  • Obtains a working knowledge of motor generators, and diesel engines used as back-up sources for the
  • Understands and can explain the principles of combustion for different boiler fuels.
  • Obtains a working knowledge of boiler controls to maintain plant steam pressure and to maintain efficient
boiler performance.
  • Shall be able to explain the function and operation of all controls on the boilers, and the de-aerator system.
He shall be able to light off the boilers, blow down the boilers, and shut down the boilers in a safe manner.
Shall be familiar with the rules in the Boiler Operation Manual regarding Attendance on the Boilers.
  • Shall know all possible methods of feeding water to the boilers and shall know what will happen if the
water was permitted below the lowest permissible operating level or what would happen if the water was
carried too high.
  • Obtains a working knowledge in proper procedures for the hydro testing of boilers and steam lines, and in
the proper procedures for laying up boilers wet or dry.
  • Obtains a working knowledge of installation and repair of threaded pipe, flanges, and valves (air or
  • Understands how to administer tests for steam and water quality.
  • Responsible for the backwash and regeneration of water softeners.
  • Must be familiar with OSHA, PART 1910, SUBPART M: COMPRESSED AIR
EQUIPMENT, and all applicable state codes and laws.
  • Be familiar with all welding techniques to facilitate boiler repair and associated
equipment systems.
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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Los Banos, CA
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$27 - $31