DevSecOps Engineer

Are you looking for a long-term contract? Full-stack experience with Java, Python, and Azure required.

  • Washington, DC
  • $90 - $130
  • Hourly
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A bit about us:

We are a government contractor working with an elite team of DevSecOps Developers and Security Engineers on a critical Intelligence project.

Why join us?

We are looking for the best and working with the best. If you are interested in pushing your technical boundaries we are the right place for you.

Job Details

Develop, deploy, and demonstrate a production quality, Open Container Initiative (OCI) compliant containerized Postgres (minimum), neo4j (optional) in Kubernetes in Bessemer PaaS
  • Experience with PostGIS extensions
  • Ability to implement highly available, effectively failing over to backup pods if needed when nodes fail
  • Ability to implement Automated backup/snapshot solutions
  • Ability to implement Logging events to the PaaS provided Prometheus / Grafana instance, as well as relevant alerts to the PaaS provided Rocketchat
  • Ability to integrate identity and user management with the PaaS provided Keycloak and/or IPA
  • Knowledge of Multi-Level Security (MLS) that enforces attribute based access controls (ABAC)

Develop a production quality, OCI compliant Kubernetes native web applications that:
  • Leverage Gitlab Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline to automate building the OCI
  • Development of compliant container images on code changes, scanning and uploading with platform provided tools of the code base and resulting container image
  • Ability to upload resulting container images to a platform provided Artifact Repository (Nexus), and automated deployment of the helm chart associated with the repository to the RKE cluster.
  • Develop code that recognizes an x.509 certificate that a user has loaded into their browser to log in the user (Credential Cards).
  • Understanding of Multi-factor authentication and how to implement within an application
  • Ability to implement role-based access control (a user, as part of belonging to a group in Keycloak and/or IPA
  • Understanding of attribute based access controls based on the attributes associated with an end-user’s x.509 certificate

Experience with Java, Azure, Python required.

Easy Apply Now
Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Washington, DC
Job Type
$90 - $130