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Work will take place in a combination office/shop environment.

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Job Details

Job Details:
We are seeking an experienced EHS Engineer whoJob Details:

Are you an is eager to experienced EHS Engineer with a utilize their skills passion for safety in a dynamic and environmental compliance and fast-paced? We are manufacturing environment. a leading manufacturer This is a seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable E permanent position that requires a professional who is passionateHS Engineer to join our team about EHS. This is a permanent role regulations, occupational health, risk where you will assessment, project play a crucial part in ensuring management, safety the safety, management, and health, and environmental compliance. environmental compliance of all our operations You will play a key role in ensuring our operations are safe.

As an EHS, efficient, Engineer, you will be responsible and in compliance with all relevant regulations. If for developing, implementing, and you have a proven track record in EHS monitoring company-wide Engineering within the environmental health and manufacturing industry and are looking to safety programs. You will be take your career a key player in fostering a to the next level, we safety culture and would love to ensuring compliance with local, state hear from you.


1., and federal Implement, manage regulations. The and monitor company EHS programs ideal candidate will have a strong to ensure operations are in compliance understanding of E with all localHS regulations,, state, occupational health, and federal regulations risk assessment,.
2. project management, Conduct regular safety audits and inspections safety management, and environmental compliance to identify potential.

Respons hazards and ensureibilities:

  • corrective actions are Develop, implement, and manage taken.
3 safety programs to ensure a safe. Develop and implement health and and compliant work safety plans, environment.
  • Conduct regular safety data capture and audits, risk ongoing analysis.
assessments, and inspections to identify4. Set company-wide safety potential hazards and standards and prepare ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Provide guidance environmental impact reports.
5. Provide technical guidance and training to on EHS staff on E issues to allHS regulations, levels of the safety procedures, organization.
6 and risk management.
  • Respond. Facilit to and investigateate risk assessments safety incidents, and incident investigations identify root causes, and implement, providing recommendations corrective actions.
  • Collaborate to prevent recurrence with cross-functional.
7. teams on projects Develop and deliver to ensure compliance EHS training with EHS programs to employees standards and regulations at all levels.
  • Manage.
8. documentation related to Actively participate in the design EHS activities and implementation of, including incident reports, training new projects, records, and providing expert advice on EHS regulatory documents.
9- Stay updated. Ensure all with changes in necessary records are EHS regulations maintained and prepared according to established and ensure the guidelines.
10. Stay abre company's policiesast of new and procedures are legislation and maintain in line with these changes.
  • Lead environmental compliance efforts, a working knowledge of all E including waste management, air andHS legislation pertinent water quality monitoring to the company, and pollution.

Qualifications prevention initiatives.



Bachelor's degree- Bachelor's degree in Environmental in Environmental Health Health, Safety and Safety ( Engineering, orEHS), a related field Engineering, or.
  • Minimum of 3 related field.
years of experience in an E2. MinimumHS role within of 3 a manufacturing environment.
  • In years' experience in an EHS role within-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry EHS regulations.
3. Extensive knowledge, occupational health of EHS, risk assessment, project management regulations and occupational, safety management, and environmental health.
4 compliance.
  • . Demonstrated experience in risk assessment, project management, safety Strong problem-solving skills and the management, and ability to identify environmental compliance.
and mitigate potential5. Strong hazards.
  • communication skills, with the ability to influence at all levels of the organization.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to effectively6. Pro train and guide staff on safetyven ability to manage multiple projects procedures and regulations and meet deadlines.
  • Experience in conducting safety Strong problem-solving skills and the audits and inspections ability to make.
  • Certified decisions under pressure Safety Professional (.
8.CSP), Certified Safety Professional (CSP Certified Industrial Hy), Certified Industrial Hygienistgienist ( (CIH), or similarCIH), certification is highly or equivalent certification desirable.
9 is preferred.
. Demonstrated- Proficient in using EHS management systems ability to work independently and as part of a team.
10 and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • . Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and EHS management systems. Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

This is and meet deadlines.
  • Ability a fantastic opportunity for an experienced EHS Engineer to join a to work independently and as part of a team thriving manufacturing company, demonstrating leadership. You will be part of and collaboration skills.

Join a team that us in this values safety, exciting role where sustainability, and you can make professional development. a significant impact If you are in promoting a passionate about creating safe and compliant work environment. a safe and We are committed compliant work environment to providing a, we would rewarding career where love to hear you can grow from you.
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Job Details
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