Home Care Primary Care Provider (F-NP, Physician, APP)

Flexible Schedule! Part or Full time!

  • Charleston, SC
  • $125,000 - $355,000
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A bit about us:

We provide prompt on–site physician service!

A physician comes to your residence, be it your house, assisted living facility or place of business, equipped with almost everything you can find in the doctor’s office.
X-rays and lab work samples collection is provided on the spot, when needed.

What does it mean to you to have:
No more long hours spent in doctor’s offices or waiting rooms.
No exposure to other sick people.
No transportation expenses.
Ample time provided for each patient and their family - there is no rush.
We maintain close relationships with family members and facility staff, enabling patients to live happier, healthier lives. We coordinate medical care: provide referrals to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, home care agencies, and consultations with specialists...

We strive to keep you out of the emergency room, reduce urgent care visits and hospital re-admissions!

We want to be your Doctor!

Why join us?

Join a great team

We are looking for MDs, NPs and PAs who would like to join our team. Our office is expanding too and soon we will need additional medical scribes, phlebotomists, Med-Techs and office support staff. To be considered for an open position please apply today!

Job Details

  • Majority are Geriatric non-mobile patients, many with dementia
  • Ideal candidate is a primary care APP with geriatric experience
  • Can provide Mobile labs, mobile imaging, occupational, hospice…
  • Initial assessment and will follow the patient, or can pass along to another provider
  • Scheduling of patients is designed to keep travel at a minimum
  • Other providers do see some facility patients, but this provider not likely at first
  • Can see as little as 5-6 pts/day but can see as many as they like up to 10 day
  • Provider determines the schedule (part time, full time, etc)
  • Must do their own charting
  • Athena EMR
  • Payment is based on billing (add their own billing codes)
  • Paid monthly
  • Provider gets 50% of the code values
  • Average take home depends on billings – 2023 billings are all CMS home patient billing codes
  • New mid-level will likely average $6,000/mo based on a 3 day work week
  • Creds to start can bill with their supervising physician. Can get started with Medicare and Medicaid in about a month
  • 1099 contractor position

Easy Apply Now
Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Charleston, SC
Job Type
$125,000 - $355,000