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Small, community based Hospital

  • Hartford, KY
  • $70,456 - $73,992
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A bit about us:

Small, 25 bed community Hospital located in the heart of Kentucky.

Why join us?

We offer a much less stressful work environment while giving off a great sense of community.

No weekends. 5 days on, 9 days off

Job Details

Essential Job Functions:

1. Communications

Keeps Manager and staff on assigned shift updated and informed on matters which are of importance to the well-being of the hospital and includes all departments. The House Supervisor must demonstrate the values and vision of the hospital.
Attends supervisory meetings as well as other staff meetings and assures that all personnel on assigned shift are updated on information provided.
Has established good rapport with physicians/practitioners as well as other healthcare providers and collaborates with them to address patient care needs (interdisciplinary team).
Informs Leadership team of actual or anticipated problems to include staffing, performance, or patient-related concerns. (This would apply to Director of Clinical Services, Manager, Acute Care Inpatient, Manager Acute Care Emergency; additionally, when functioning as House Supervisor in absence of other department directors and administration personnel, would apply to department director and/or administration as indicated) when issues are outside of their scope of resolution.
Listens attentively and requests clarification and/or feedback as indicated.
Gives clear statements of direction, both in verbal and written form.
Checks out assumptions and/or gets all information necessary before acting.
Encourages and empowers staff members through appropriate delegation.
Solves problems in the manner that is in the best interest of Ohio County Hospital and the patient.
High availability and visibility to all staff on assigned shift for guidance, direction, and oversight. Conducts staff meetings as assigned by Inpatient Manager.
Keeps Emergency Department updated on bed availability.
High availability and visibility to patients/family members on assigned shift assuring supervision of care and assisting with questions/concerns as needed. Rounding for a purpose.
The House Supervisor is responsible for consulting with upper management before instituting process in situations of “High Census Alert” or “Diversion”. We are a 25-bed facility. When we have 1 code blue bed available, House supervisor has the authority to place hospital on diversion but must notify: CCNO, Director of Clinical Services, ED staff, and EMS of change in status. All other decisions to alter diversion status must be with made by administration.
2. Assist in fiscal responsibilities to maintain budget requirements

Makes recommendations to the Department Managers regarding capital equipment, operations, and staffing needs for budget preparation. House supervisors shall have requisition authority for needed equipment. Written justification must accompany all completed requisitions.
Maintains staffing levels consistent with the manhours required by the staffing matrix guideline, patient needs, and staffing mix for all areas of the hospital. Submits staffing reports to the Department Managers. Minimum Staffing requirement v/s suggested Max and Absolute max. 8 patients per nurse is Absolute Max unless an emergent situation occurs. Going over the absolute max number of patients shall only be a temporary situation.
Provides justification for any overtime utilization.
Updates master staffing schedule as changes occur (low census days, sick, assignment to different area, etc.) House Supervisor is to keep up with and document schedule changes on their shift and report changes to Acute Care Manager during regular business hours, unless an emergent situation occurs.
Assures that patient charge items are charged appropriately.
Reduces waste and “rework”. Evaluate workflow. Look for waste and wasted time.
Assures that staff members are productive.
3. Supervises and Provides Patient Care to Patients in All Age Groups

In capacity of House Supervisor in Department Director/Administration’s absence, supervises the safe, efficient delivery of patient care and services throughout the hospital. Round with a purpose on patients throughout the organization.
Interprets and enforces current standards of practice, policies, and procedures, including legal compliance policies at OCH.
Interprets and enforces all hospital wide policies and procedures to include Infection and Exposure Control plans, safety/Environment of Care and emergency operations plan, personnel policies, employee health policies, and administrative policies. If a policy is found in need of review, submit updates as needed to manager.
Delegate’s responsibility according to the scope of practice of the staff as designed by licensure requirements and training, competencies, and education of staff.
Actively participates in OCH’s performance improvement program / initiatives by identification of improvement projects, data collection, being a team member or leader, assisting in data analysis, development of action plan and evaluation of process improvement.
Assures all departments have needed supplies and equipment for operations.
Assures the nursing process is used to identify the patients’ nursing problems; in addition, assures that the patient is involved in the plan of care and that appropriate nursing actions are implemented, that the reason(s) the patient is being evaluated is documented appropriately. Performs random periodic checks for appropriate documentation of such.
Receives hand off communication and makes complete patient rounds at least once per shift; demonstrates general knowledge of all patients on assigned unit. On occasions, accepts direct patient care assignment to achieve appropriate staffing.
Demonstrates knowledge of normal growth and development.
Intervenes as necessary in delivery of care/services for patient safety throughout the facility.
4. Evaluates all Staff Members’ Performance and Counsels as Appropriate

Completes or assists with performance appraisals on Med/Surg/Swing staff normally working assigned shift. Consults with the Department Managers regarding evaluations of staff prior to reviewing the performance with the individual. All performance appraisals are to include a personal work improvement plan developed in collaboration with the employee, which is consistent with OCH’s purpose, vision, and values. These are to be completed by the date designated by Personnel.
Identifies learning needs of staff and assists in the development and implementation of learning opportunities.
Counsels/coaches employees as indicated and gives employee specific expectations and date follow up will be done. Collaborates with the Department Managers regarding counseling. As house supervisors, verbal disciplinary action for any hospital employee is within your scope. If a higher level of disciplinary action is believed to be warranted, contact the leadership of that area during normal business hours unless an emergent situation occurs.
When serving in capacity of House Supervisor, provides coaching/counseling to employees as indicated (may need to speak with Department Managers prior to or immediately after counseling/coaching, or may report actions taken afterwards; would be dependent on severity of situation).
Makes recommendations for discipline of personnel to Department Managers.
Assures privacy of staff when individual recommendations for improvement are given.
May give input to Department Managers re: staff performance during times of department managers’ absence.
5. Maintains Safe and Therapeutic Environment for Patients in All Age Groups

Makes appropriate request to Department Manager for personnel, supplies or equipment needs.
Collaborates with Department Managers to assure that appropriate par levels and supplies are maintained.
Collaborates with nursing staff and maintenance department to assure that faulty equipment is removed from service until repaired or replaced. Responsible for informing Department Managers of such occurrences and assisting with follow up on such equipment. All faulty equipment that is found must be marked with date, reason it is removed from service, and your name. Submit a repair ticket to Biomed. Inform leadership team what is wrong with equipment and where that equipment was removed from. All equipment awaiting repair should be moved to a designated area.
Assists in the evaluation of patient care products for purchase as assigned by Department Managers.
Occurrence reports are completed as necessary, documentation is complete and accurate, with “factual” information. Appropriate actions are taken, and information is forwarded to the appropriate Department Director. Department Manager, CNO, and Quality Supervisor are notified immediately of any occurrence with significant liability concerns.
Knowledgeable of the Integrated Patient Safety policy and supervises care and the environment accordingly.
Responds to Code Blue situations.
Acts as liaison between medical staff and hospital staff when a staff member questions medical care of a patient. Notifies the Department Manager and initiates the peer review process if a resolution is not immediately reached.
Assures that discharge planning and teaching needs of the patients have been met through concurrent review of the medical record, review of the medical record, review of the patient’s plan of care and actions taken, and by regular patient rounds.
Applies pediatric safety guidelines as appropriate.
Assists with orientation of new employees / students. Encourages staff to welcome new employees / students and assist with their orientation, including preceptorships.
Accountable for ensuring patient safety while performing his/her duties.
6. Upholds Standards of Nursing Practice of All Age Groups and Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Standards of Nursing Practice are continually met.
Performs all nursing procedures according to the established policies and procedures of OCH Nursing Department; adheres to legal compliance policies.
Meets licensure requirements.
Reports to assigned area immediately if occurrence of Mass Disaster.
Recognizes and supports the Patient’s Bill of Rights and maintains confidentiality in all hospital matters.
Acts as a role model for staff, providing leadership and direction consistent with the purpose, vision, and values of OCH as well as all policies and regulatory requirements.
Actively participates in review and revision of nursing policies and procedures as well as in the development of new policies.
7. Professional Self-Development

Attends in-services that pertain to assigned areas and that are applicable to RN’s, at least 6 per year. These in-services shall include fire, safety, mass disaster, and infection control (exposure control plan, HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases). Must complete mandatory annual in-services.
Must maintain BLS, ACLS and PALS provider status.
Maintains contact hours in nursing CE required for licensure.
Maintains clinical skills as evidenced through competency testing.
Has desire to learn new skills/information relating to job duties and does so.
Attends 80% of staff/supervisory meetings per year.
8. Exhibits Positive Human Relations

Demonstrates a cooperative attitude in interactions with others.
Tactful- maintains composure and is diplomatic in all situations.
Treats all hospital associates, patients, visitors with courtesy and respect. Exhibits caring attitude towards co-workers.
Shows enthusiasm for the job and supports the hospital, the hospital’s purpose, vision, and values, as well as policies.
Shows evidence of prompt and thorough response in handling correspondence, reports, and special projects as assigned.
Uses time effectively and sets appropriate priorities.
Follows up on all patient concerns referred by staff or Department Manager in an effective manner immediately and communicates the findings to the Department Manager. (Patient concern report, occurrence report completed and submitted within 24 hours of complaint.)
Demonstrates reliability and dependability in attendance and punctuality.
1. Perfect attendance

2. Absent 1-4 occurrences – meets requirements

3. Absent 5 or more occurrences – needs improvement; does not meet requirement

Cooperates with staffing needs; assists with covering open shifts when needed.
Supports organizational accountability and demonstrates such through work.
May be requested to be member of QI team.
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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Hartford, KY
Job Type
$70,456 - $73,992