MEP Engineering Manager, P.E

  • Austin, TX
  • $145,000 - $180,000
  • Managed by Jobot Pro: George Yenque
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A bit about us:

An awarding traditional MEP Design firm that has been established for over 25+ years.

Why join us?

We seek the brightest, self-motivating, mature and dedicated career-minded MEP professionals for all of our offices in the state of Texas.

Job Details

MEP Office Manager- Austin, Texas

The primary responsibility of the Austin area general manager is to be the firm’s representation to the Austin market and be the general manager of the Austin office including business development, marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, risk management and production for the greater Austin area office and geographical region of Central Texas including San Antonio.

Austin Area Office Manager Responsibilities:

Production: Oversee and facilitate the following items with Austin area production staff.

Project scope management – required to ensure that the project scope includes all the work required to complete the project successfully and achieves profit goals.

Project integration management – required to ensure that the various elements of the projects are properly coordinated by the project managers and leaders in accordance with their roles and responsibilities.

Project time management – required to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Project cost management – required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget.

Project quality management – required to ensure that the project meets Design industry standards.

Project communication management – required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information. This includes regular communication with current and future firm clients.

Project closeout management – identifying and completing close out tasks to successfully end Campos project requirements and provide project assurance.

Human resource management: Required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the office. The Austin area general manager is a team player striving to optimize the firm’s resources.

a. Austin area general manager shall identify, assign, schedule, and maintain man hour requirements for the active projects assigned to his / her team.

b. Austin area general manager shall utilize human relation skills to lead and direct team members and proactively train staff to be delegated to.

c. Austin area general manager shall have fundamental knowledgebase of a Registered
Mechanical or Electrical Professional Engineer.

d. Austin area general manager shall communicate human resource needs with the
Design team leader.

Risk management: Concerned with identifying, analyzing, and responding to risk associated with operations of the
Austin office.

a. Potential risks shall be identified and discussed during direct reporting sessions to the Design leader. These discussions should take place immediately if the risk is high. There should be no less than bi-weekly communication regarding any potential risks on active project assignments, with employees or with contract review and negotiations.

b. Solutions to potential risks shall be created, recorded, and included in the appropriate file for use by our leadership.

c. Austin area general manager is empowered to make emergency decisions in alignment with the mission statement, 10 principle behaviors, and this document.

Accounting: Communicating with clients and Campos accounting department to generate invoices, track costs, and handle accounts receivable and employee timesheet reporting. Responsibilities include:

1. Communicating directly with the accounting manager and reporting directly to the Design Operations
Manager regarding accounting functions associated with the Austin office.

2. Maintains strict confidentiality of firm financial information.

3. Performs bi-weekly A/R reporting, bi-weekly timesheet review and approval, bi-weekly expense report review and approval, and assists in monthly Client invoicing.

Business Development (BD): Long term strategy to position the firm for future sales such as attending industry events, appointments with other firm’s marketing staff, cold calls, membership in industry organizations, trade shows, etc. This is a people business; BD helps you create relationships with people that can directly give or help you find new work. The Austin Area Office Manager will work with the Design leadership and the Firm’s Director of BD and Marketing to achieve the following goals.

Targets: Completed Annually

1. Attend a minimum of 4 trade shows or industry events in the greater Austin area per year. Focus on learning the players in the greater Austin area market and letting them know we have an Austin office. You need to know in general:

a. Who are the owners?
b. Who are the engineers/architects that could work with us?
c. Who are the top GC’s?
d. Who are the top MC’s?
e. Who is our competition?

2. Schedule and attend 4 appointments per month with each of the Austin players. Use the marketing group to help you organize the schedule. Discuss what is going on in the industry, what services they need, how we can help them.

Marketing: The set of guidelines, processes, materials, and activities used to inform potential clients of our firm’s ability to provide valuable services in exchange for fees. Examples of marketing are our firm’s internal marketing process, mailers, email communication, our website, advertising, customer satisfaction surveys, our qualifications, etc. The Austin Area Office Manager will work with the Design leadership and firm’s Director of Marketing and BD to achieve the following goals.

Targets: Completed Annually

1. Participate in the preparation of 12 Austin or Central region statements of qualifications submissions per year with the marketing group.

2. With help from the marketing group, develop an Austin office specific mailer or email campaign to communicate with the Austin players.

3. Conduct regular phone, email, or letter communication with potential clients in the greater Austin area and Central Texas region.

Sales: Communicating with existing clients to solicit additional work. This includes estimating, proposal writing, and negotiation of fees / services. The Austin Area Office Manager will work with the Design leadership to achieve the following goals.

1. Establish a monthly sales target for the Austin office by multiplying your total overhead (salaries,
rent, support staff, etc.) by 1.2. This information should be available from accounting. This target shall be the basis for your backlog and measuring your sales performance.

2. Coordinate with Design Leader to evaluate past Austin area sales performance to develop win ratio and average proposal amount for sales. Divide sales target by win ratio and then by average proposal amount to determine proposal quantity target. This target shall be the basis for measuring your proposal output / sales activity.

3. Develop a staffing plan to divide the sales activity target between your available team if applicable. Establish minimum criteria for sales activity and include in win/win performance agreements.

4. Using leads generated by your BD, marketing, and the marketing group, start cranking out proposals and fill up the backlog. Your target will be the quantity of proposals indicated in item 2 above equaling the target dollar amount indicated in item 1 above.

GUIDELINES: the parameters (principles, policies, etc.) within which results are to be accomplished.

1. All actions must be in alignment and in harmony with the Mission Statement, Principle Centered Leadership, and the Corporate and Design Business Operating Plans. It is absolutely unacceptable to intentionally and flagrantly violate the Mission Statement.

2. Capital expenditures must be agreed upon at the leadership level and must be in harmony and alignment with the Business Plan.

3. All contracts must be authorized by the President or with written approval by the President stating otherwise.

4. Austin Area Office Manager may quote Design proposals individually up to $50,000. Fees exceeding
$50,000 require the approval of the Design Leader. The general rule will be to commit the firm up to your competency level ($) without conferring with others. Difficult or non-standard terms or conditions should be approved by the President. Unusual risk or exposure should also be approved by the President.

5. You may recommend hire or fire with proper documentation / reason, to the Design leader. Hiring and firing requires the President’s final approval. If a flagrant violation of the Mission Statement occurs, you have the authority to fire on the spot.

6. Do not violate Design Leadership Team trust relationships, i.e.:

a. No hidden agendas. Maintain open and honest communication

b. Meet commitments to each other. Proactively communicate if you have an issue which changes your ability to meet a deadline.

c. If you have an issue with someone in the firm including staff, leadership, or the President, it will be presented within 24 hours of the incident in an appropriate setting. It will be resolved in a respectful way.

d. May call an emergency meeting with the Design Leader at any time. The importance of the meeting will be honored and respected.

7. You have authority for all Design methods, means, and reporting in alignment with Design standards and applicable certifying association standards. You also have authority regarding errors or omissions that do not result in cost or liability to Campos or negatively impact client satisfaction. Use judgment to recognize potential liabilities or costs to the company and notify the Design Leader immediately.

8. Can spend money or authorize spending according to a specific approved budget. Non-budgeted expenditures must be approved by the Design Leader.

9. Emergency expenditures in the amount of $5,000.00 to be made without prior approvals. An emergency is defined as a condition in which the firm or one of the team members requires support or assistance and immediate action must be taken to prevent significant undesirable results. You are urged to seek approvals whenever possible, but use your judgment and make the expenditure as required. If you use personal funds, they will be reimbursed promptly. Final approvals must be in place within five (5) days following the incident.

RESOURCES: The human, financial, technical, or organizational support available to help accomplish the results. The Austin Area Office Manager is a team leader striving to optimize the firm’s resources.


1. The President and Design leader are resources for client and contract issues, support for quality control processes and training programs, leadership and funding.

2. All firm staff, departments, and leadership are available providing coordination and approval through the chain of command according to the mission statement principals.

3. Accounting support is available through the accounting department.

4. Business development and marketing support is available through the marketing department.

5. Administrative support is available.


1. Vendors

2. Trade associations

3. Information Technology

This position offers the opportunity for a rapid increase in compensation based on bi-annual performance evaluations. Large compensation increases will be determined based on performance and achieving desired metrics and your ability to effectively grow the Austin office.

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Job Details
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Austin, TX
Job Type
$145,000 - $180,000