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  • $58,000 - $85,000
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Job Details

We are looking for a Senior Robotic Welding Technician!

Robotic Welding Technicians are responsible for the set-up, maintenance, and operation of robotic welding equipment. Robotic welding technicians are critical to the fabrication of metallic parts or assemblies through welding by the means of a robotic machine. Some operators are responsible for designing and programming the robot, maintaining and troubleshooting welding robots, and implementing robotic welding for manufacturing and production.

Strong analytical thinking, problem solving, and computer skills
Knowledgeable of automation equipment, processes, and systems
Interpret blueprints and drawings
Adapt to technology changes quickly and seamlessly
Able to work independently and as part of a team

Apply principles of basic welding fundamentals, symbols, and blueprints
Identify and perform correct robotic welding parameters, welding procedures, operations and programs
Create robotic welding programs, modify existing welding programs, and conduct welding cell cycle time calculations
Troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance of robotic equipment and welding equipment
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Easy Apply Now
Job Details
St. Cloud, MN
Job Type
$58,000 - $85,000