Social Worker (LMSW) in Houston, TX

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  • Houston, TX
  • $67,000 - $78,582
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A bit about us:

Embark on a transformative journey within the healthcare realm where connecting with patients transcends the ordinary – a journey that defines the heart of our healthcare system. Here, you don't just witness medical breakthroughs; you actively engage with cutting-edge technology while delving into the intricacies of genuine human-centered care.

Your role goes beyond routine; it's about personalization. Each patient becomes an individual story, and you play a pivotal role in crafting their unique care narrative. This isn't just healthcare; it's a personalized, compassionate experience.

Daily, you're not just an employee; you're an empowered advocate for what's best for the patients. It's not just about enhancing skills; it's about a continual evolution, a commitment to personal and professional growth. A career change isn't just welcomed; it's celebrated. Your mentors aren't just guides; they are architects of your growth. Your colleagues aren't just coworkers; they're a support system for your success.

Step into an environment where your dreams aren't just acknowledged; they are actively encouraged. Lead not just with proficiency, but with empathetic care that goes beyond the conventional.

The accolade of being recognized as a Top Workplace is not just an honor; it's a testament to our values and the impactful work we do. It's an invitation to join a community that doesn't just settle for excellence; it strives for more, continually raising the bar. Your journey awaits – where healthcare isn't just a profession; it's a calling.

Ideal Candidates:
⭐ Current License as a Master Social Worker in Texas
⭐ Graduate of an accredited Master of Social Work program (MSW)
⭐ Consistent work history in hospital setting as a social worker
⭐ Field placement or internship in health services/health care provider experience

Why join us?

I. Dental Insurance:
A. Comprehensive dental coverage
B. Preventive care for oral health
C. Coverage for major dental procedures
D. Financial assistance for routine check-ups and treatments

II. Medical Insurance:
A. Access to a network of healthcare providers
B. Coverage for medical consultations and treatments
C. Prescription drug coverage
D. Emergency medical services
E. Preventive care and wellness programs

III. Vision Insurance:
A. Coverage for eye exams
B. Assistance in covering the cost of prescription eyewear
C. Discounts on corrective procedures like LASIK
D. Regular eye care for maintaining vision health

IV. Life Insurance:
A. Financial protection for beneficiaries in case of the insured's death
B. Coverage for funeral expenses
C. Provision for dependents and loved ones
D. Peace of mind for the policyholder

V. Retirement:
A. 401(k) or pension plans for long-term savings
B. Employer contributions for retirement funds
C. Financial security post-employment
D. Options for early retirement planning

VI. Equity:
A. Stock options for employees
B. Ownership stake in the company
C. Potential for financial growth through stock value appreciation
D. Alignment of employee and company interests

Job Details

What you will do daily....
⭐ Provide Clinical Social Work
⭐ Create Discharge Planning to Patients and Families
⭐ Collaborate to provide assistance for funding
⭐ Offer crisis intervention and/or mental health assessment to patients and families with psychosocial needs
⭐ Coordinate and facilitate the development of a multidisciplinary discharge plan of care for high-risk patient populations.
Easy Apply Now
Easy Apply Now
Job Details
Houston, TX
Job Type
$67,000 - $78,582